The Bird Feeding Station: An Introduction

Bird Feeding Station
Hi there, my name is Joe an I run this site. I grew up in a Suffolk Sea Side town and have always enjoyed watching the local birds ever since I was young. I used to watch them with my Grandad through the binoculars as he taught me the different types of birds that fed in the garden. We used to study the birds that fed on the bird feed that we used to put out on the bird feeding station in his garden. 🙂



Why did you start up The Bird Feeding Station?

As my old Wooden Bird Feeders life cwww.thebirdfeedingstation.co.ukame to an end, decades old and now starting to rot beyond use it was time to purchase a new Bird Feeding Station. Although when I went to look for some reviews about bird feeders and general information about bird feeders, bird feeding stations and bird feed I was surprised to find not much UK based help on the subject at all. This is when thebirdfeedingstation.co.uk was created. Set up to bring you information on bird feeding stations and feeding your birds, reviews and where to buy these bird feeders for latest 2017 best prices!

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